How to improve your team's performance in network marketing
How to improve your team's performance in network marketing

How to improve your team's performance in network marketing

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Jul 16

How to improve your team's performance in network marketing

Running a successful network marketing business can become very time-consuming, especially with growing success and a growing team. While your personal strategies brought you to this level of success, you will find yourself facing a changing set of challenges with increasing demands for leadership, support and management from your team and downline distributors.

The more time you invest in your team members, the more successful your business will be, but things can get a little tricky if you don’t have a good system in place. This is especially true when you think about new additions to your team. Why?

  • Their net contribution to the team’s success is still relatively small.
  • Time investment in relation to their onboarding and support is relatively high.

Here are four key strategies to improve your team’s performance (and your own):

Adopt a leadership attitude

This is especially true – and at the same time especially difficult – for network marketers who have started to gain some traction and are faced with a growing team and/or downline. The strategies that have made you successful most likely involve focusing on the excellent work of one person: yourself. In order to multiply your success by working with a whole team of people as successful as you are, you need to change your perspective. You need to shift your focus from working to leading, or in other words: you need to make sure that more people are doing what you have been doing to generate success.

If you have no prior leadership experience, we highly recommend attending a seminar or purchasing an online course in order to gain some initial traction. There are excellent resources available, for example Dr. Winterheller’s Continuum Based Leadership, which can help you to avoid rookie mistakes and to establish a sound foundation for your leadership success.

Invest in your team

In most cases, people do not work for the financial goals of others. People relate to a cause, to other people and the way they work and do business together. To leverage your team’s potential and to thrive as an organization, you need to invest your time in the people who make up the team. Find out about their dreams and their fears, ask them about their families – the important thing is being more involved.

Try to maintain a sense of curiosity and wonder surrounding your team, as opposed to passing judgment on them. Sure, it’s important to be discerning and to keep an eye on the financial side of things, but you can actually help foster growth by checking in with your team members and downline to see how they are performing. Learn what they are experiencing, and then have regular conversations to help them develop further – both as individuals and as members of your team.

Identify high-leverage tasks

You are successful for a reason, and for most people this reason is not a special talent they have, rather it comes down to hard work done consistently. Moreover, you are almost certainly not successful because of the thousands of different things you are doing, but because of your ability to consistently focus on and execute a few key strategies that leverage your growing success.

In order for your team’s performance to tap into your own personal success (without you doing all the work), you need to identify those strategies and convert them into tasks and processes that can be executed by each and every member of your team. This is especially true for new team members.

Establish KPIs and business goals

After you have identified and communicated your set of high-leverage tasks, you will soon find that mileage in terms of execution will differ greatly among team members. In order to improve your team’s performance, you need to turn your mission-critical objectives and highest leverage activities into your team’s new habits.

You need to formulate SMART goals based on your strategies:

  • Clearly document what you expect from each team member
  • Clearly document what you expect each team member to do on a daily or weekly basis
  • Provide the necessary resources for your team members to correctly execute all strategies
  • Track performance and regularly follow up on these assignments and activities on both a team and individual level

Goalify Professional is a tool developed to help you with this important process by providing you with the ability to set up repeating tasks and to-dos that will give your team members clear objectives and assist them in establishing new behaviors through increased consistency. You can learn more about Goalify Professional and how it can help you to improve team performance and the performance of your downline here.

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