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Goalify Professional is best in class when it comes to helping the people you work with to establish new routines and better habits.

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Drive Change and Help Clients Improve

As a coach or consultant, you are well aware of the many obstacles clients face when implementing change programs or integrating new initiatives. Everyday life tends to outweight the additional tasks. With Goalify Professional, you can turn your strategy into measureable to-dos and objectives for your clients to work on in between in-person workshops and sessions. This will encourage client success and open up new revenue streams for you.


Embed Action

Turn your knowledge and insights into measurable objectives and provide both guidance and direction for your clients. Encourage client success throughout directed and consistent implementation.


Achieve Consistency

Easily manage short-term and long-term activities for your clients. Help clients to improve their consistency and accountability when working on agreed upon tasks.


Stay Connected

With the integrated chat feature, all communication is kept in one place. There’s no longer a need to switch back and forth between e-mail and various messenger apps.


Easily create, track and manage objectives

We believe that consistency is key to every lasting success. With Goalify Professional you can create repeating objectives and tasks within seconds and track performance over time.

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Easily design and assign workflows visually.

Visually design, assign and re-use task lists, courses or even long-term onboarding processes with Goalify Professional's workflow feature. Using workflows, you can create specific tasks, collect feedback, request files and much more.

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Share knowledge and provide instructions

Performance coaching is about enabling and empowering clients by setting specific objectives and sharing knowledge. With our content feature, you can easily share your know-how with your clients and add valuable context to each objective.

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Foster Growth
Improve Consistency

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Goalify Professional for Coaching Professionals:

4 Different Goal Type Options

Support improvement

Assign repeating objectives and to-dos to fuel the successful implementation of your expertise.

Track progress

Visually analyze progress and achievements, and discuss client performance based on the data they record.

Add context

Easily add checklists, instructions or even video messages to objectives and tasks.

Additional revenue

Provide an exceptional level of service and create additional revenue streams – even during those difficult times. With our inclusive pricing you can also work more efficiently with more people.

Easy Recording Dashboard

Goalify for Clients:

Improve consistency

Clients are more likely to successfully stick to an agreed plan of action when they are asked to record and document their own progress.

Greater accountability

By being able to record and track their progress, clients become more aware of the importance of consistency and gain a better sense of accountability.

Easy of use

Clients use our free mobile habit tracker app (available for iOS and Android) or web access to record their progress and keep track of their achievements. With well over 100,000 people using our mobile app, we know that the process of keeping track of activities won't disrupt any workflows.

“Being able to define and assign high leverage activities and to track their performance over time has taken my coaching options to a new level.”

Dr. Manfred Winterheller,
High Performance Business Coach
Dr. Winterheller about Goalify Professional

Foster Growth. Facilitate Change.

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What you can expect:

  • A brief conversation to assess what Goalify Professional can do to help your team's performance and to improve sales
  • How habit tracking can be applied in your team's daily and weekly work routine
  • A live product demo provides insight into how to get the most benefit from Goalify Professional
  • Analysis of your individual situation to determine the best path forward for your business
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Driving Performance Across Domains

Take a look at our use cases to learn more about how Goalify Professional can help you in your professional role.


Sales Managers

See how Goalify Professional can help you to align your team and to increase sales.

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Health Care Professionals

See how you can use Goalify Professional to guide your patients through recovery and improve compliance.

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Fitness Professional

Use Goalify Professional to provide guidance and improve consistency inside and outside the gym.

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Consulting Professionals

See how Goalify Professional can help you to deeply embed your initiatives and turn new strategies into measurable and consistent actions.

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Ease of use for everyone, everywhere

Clients use our free mobile app or web access to record their performance and progress and to keep track of their achievements.

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will be excited!

Hassle-free recording

Your clients use our free web access or free mobile app (Goalify - habit tracker - available for iOS and Android) to record their progress and keep track of their achievements. With well over 100,000 people using our mobile app, we know that the process of keeping track of activities won't disrupt workflows.

Our smart and flexible reminders help your clients to stay on top of their objectives. You can manage reminders for your clients or they can also do it themselves.

With our software solutions, we are committed to helping you to bring out the best in the people you work with. We will to go great lengths to make sure that both you and your clients will enjoy working with our tools. Advice and support from real people with a personal touch. Use our in-app support chat or send us an email - we will be happy to help.

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