Goals, Tasks & Habits

Easily create repeating goals and tasks for your clients. You will appreciate our flexible, yet easy to use options.


Analyze with Ease

Work with selected clients or a big group. Our analysis features will help you spot the crucial details.

Social Goal Setting

Our clever challenge feature helps you to align many clients around a common endeavor. It works, makes fun and is easy to use.

Organize your Coaching

Easily manage your clients with our tag features. Set up multiple teams to create independent coaching settings within one account.

Easily add clients and start coaching within minutes. It’s as simple as scanning a QR code.

Create goals and tasks using our flexible framework. Set up simple daily tasks or detailed monthly training plans.

Gain essential insights into the progress of your clients. Clever KPIs and beautiful graphs help you provide help where it’s most needed.

Zero-hassle administration to keep you coaching. Add additional staff to manage any number of clients.

Give praise, explain a task, keep everyone aligned. Use the integrated chat to connect instantly without having to switch applications.

Provide detailed instructions, pictures and video with every task. Empower clients with insights and knowledge to fuel their path to success.

Create goals and tasks aimed at success

We believe that consistency is key to every lasting success. With Goalify Professional you can create repeating goals and tasks within seconds.

Our flexible timing options let you create daily, weekly, monthly and one-time goals out of the box. You can also go wild with our advanced, custom timing options.

Our graphs are beautiful and easy to use. Even more importantly, they help you to quickly and easily find the information you need.

With the ability to analyze and segment your clients however you like, you can start at a high level and drill down to the smallest data point when needed. All of this is done with just a few clicks.

From one-person show to corporations

Our team feature is a great way to organize independent lists of clients. Think of teams as departments, branches or individual corporate mandates. No need to set up multiple accounts – handle everything from one beautiful dashboard and assign additional coaching staff where needed.

With flexibility as a key, built-in concept, Goalify Professional will scale seamlessly with your needs, just like our licensing options. Never pay for resources that you don’t need.

Communication and collaboration are critical in all training and coaching endeavors. That’s why we made our chat feature such a key element. Reach out to individual clients, or align your staff with the „staff-only“ group chat.

Thanks to our support for mobile and web push notifications, you will never miss an important event or chat message. No more need to switch applications or work to keep contact data in sync. Do it all with Goalify Professional.

Foster social support & relationships

Beautiful knowledge needs to be shared

Coaching is about enabling and empowering clients through providing support and sharing knowledge. With our asset feature, you can easily share your know-how with your clients.

Quickly create beautifully formatted instructions, upload images, and link videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Organize all your content however you like and link it to goals. Clients can view the linked content right from within the Goalify mobile app.

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