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Goalify Professional Metric Feature
Metric can be numeric, plain text or pre-defined answers.

Goalify excels at helping people improve consistency and to make lasting changes. It provides you, as their coach, with a detailed look into their real implementation rate of your suggested strategies and objectives.

Metrics can be attached to your clients' goals to easily collect additional information - think quick polls - beyond their completion and performance level. This will help you better understand the context in which performance data was recorded.

Simply add the necessary metrics - which can be numeric, plain text or pre-defined answers - to your clients' goals and they will be prompted to record their responses with every activity they log.

You as a coach can review the recorded data and its development over time, providing you with a more complete picture of your clients’ wellbeing and progress - both on an individual level of each client and across all clients. And thanks to our interface engine, you can build your own dashboards with beautiful and interactive charts and KPIs based on the data collected through metrics.

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