How It Works

Goalify is best in class when it comes to helping people to improve their consistency when adopting new behaviors and to be more consistent overall.

With Goalify Professional, you can set up repeating task and to-dos that will give your clients, team members or patients direction and assist them in establishing new behaviors through increased consistency.

Clients use our free mobile app to record their progress and keep track of their todos.

Here is how to get started:

Start your free trial

Since even the best tool is only truly valuable if it fits your specific needs, you can test-drive Goalify Professional completely free of charge for 30 days. No credit card is required, and there’s nothing to cancel if you are not fully satisfied.

To get started, go to, sign up for your free account and choose your preferred trial subscription. If you have any questions, you can contact us via chat or email anytime. We love to help!

Setup your team

In Goalify Professional, everything is organized into teams. Think of teams as folders that hold all the information about your clients and their goals, as well as other useful things like your templates and client instructions. You can also think of a team as a department, a branch or a corporate mandate.

Learn more about teams in Goalify Professional by visiting the Goalify Knowledge Base.

Invite your clients

Clients need to accept your invitation so you can start coaching them. You can invite clients one by one, or use our smart import feature.

Clients accept your invitation simply by clicking on the invitation link after downloading our free mobile app. You can learn more about the Goalify mobile app by visiting

Add Goals

Once your clients have accepted your invitation you are ready to set up their recurring tasks and to-dos. These could be specific tasks, guidelines or even planned and mapped out training instructions.

Clients use the Goalify mobile app to record their progress, view their achievements or to get in touch with you, using our integrated chat feature.

Grow your business with public challenges

With Goalify Professional it is super easy to set up your own public challenges anyone can join for free. Share your challenges on your social media channels and attract prospective clients with your business offerings and to grow your community.

Enhance your coaching

Once you have settled in and started winking with Goalify Professional, it is time to step up your coaching game and dive deeper into the many practical and easy-to-use additions that will help you improve the services you offer to your clients.

Instructions are a good example. You can easily add beautifully formatted text, images or YouTube videos to your tasks. Want more examples? Save time by creating templates and help your clients to stay focused by setting up reminders.

All of this can be done with just a few clicks, without having to switch applications or link different tools to get the job done.

Are you as excited about Goalify Professional as we are? Start your free trial today or get in touch with us if you want to book a demo or discuss your specific use case.