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Running a successful network marketing business can be very time-consuming, especially with growing success and a growing team. Goalify Professional can help you to support your team more efficiently, increase sales and boost team performance.

Improve Team Performance and Sales with Goalify Professional
Improve Performance

Improve Performance

Easily create and automate objectives and tasks to improve the efficiency of your team and downline. Our web access and free mobile app make it quick and easy to record and review progress.

Enhance Support

Enhance Support

Add rich media instructions – including images, video and text – to enable your team and help them replicate your proven network marketing success strategies. Stay connected easily using our integrated chat feature.

Analyze with Ease

Analyze with Ease

Work with individuals or big teams. Goalify dashboards and reporting features help you get more done with fewer clicks. Spend less time on administration and more time on improving sales.

Set Sales Goals Network Marketing

Easily create, track and manage objectives

Consistency is the key to every success, and the same is true in network marketing. Create and assign repeating objectives and tasks that you know are effective in order to achieve success again and again.

Provide knowledge in Network Marketing

Share knowledge and provide instructions

Performance coaching is about enabling and empowering through setting specific objectives and sharing knowledge. With our content feature, you can easily link your extensive know-how and add valuable context to each objective.

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How Goalify Professional works?


You assign repeating tasks and to-dos to the members of your team, which you know will fuel performance and drive sales.


Team members review and work on the assigned tasks consistently, using our web access or free mobile app to record their progress. Consistency and repetition will turn these high leverage activities into your team's new habits.


You review team and individual progress in real-time and make adjustments when necessary. Clever KPIs and beautiful graphs let you provide support where it’s most needed.

Foster Growth. Improve Sales.

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What you can expect:

  • A brief conversation to assess what Goalify Professional can do to help your team's performance and to improve sales
  • How habit tracking can be applied in your team's daily and weekly work routine
  • A live product demo provides insight into how to get the most benefit from Goalify Professional
  • Analysis of your individual situation to determine the best path forward for your business
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Ease of use for everyone, everywhere

Your team members use use our free mobile app or web access to record achievements and progress. It’s amazingly quick and easy to use!

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Your team will be excited!

Hassle-free activity tracking

Access everything via the web, or use the free Goalify mobile app for iOS and Android to record progress and keep track of achievements. With well over 100,000 people using our mobile app, we know that the process of keeping track of activities with Goalify doesn’t disrupt workflows.

Our smart and flexible reminders help your team to stay on top of their objectives. You can manage reminders for your team, or they can also set up reminders themselves.

With our software solutions, we are committed to helping you bring out the best in the people you work with. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure that both you and your team will enjoy working with our tools. Advice and support from real people with a personal touch. Use our in-app support chat or send us an email – we'll be happy to help!

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