Growth Moments Podcast - Let's Drive Growth together

Let's Drive Growth together - Transcript

Hi I am Michael, founder and CEO at Goalify and I am excited to welcome you to this new format of ours: Growth Moments.

Let me start off by saying, Thank you. Thank you for being with us today. Thank you for being our customers and Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with such amazing people like yourself.

I consider myself extremely lucky and blessed to work on a product that is used to foster growth in so many people and areas. And with the introduction of Goalify Professional, this impact is now even multiplied - thanks to you and your endeavors.

This is why our Goalify Professional homepage boasts - in the middle of the feature page - the words: “We are not in the tech industry. We are in the people business, creating software solutions that help real people unlock their true potential.“ And unlocking the true potential of the people you work with has the most welcome side-effects. Entrepreneurs, unlocking their employees potential, will see improved workplace performance, increasing profits and business growth. Consultants, will drastically improve the success rate of their projects, resulting in more satisfied and enthusiastic customers and growing business opportunities. Coaches who deeply embed their initiatives into their clients lives - will be driving consistent and lasting growth and change.

Unlocking the potential is not a one time feat, even far from that, it requires reach and consistency.

It requires the CEO to infect every one in the company from upper management to the front desk over a sufficient amount of time. Consultants need to reach everyone involved and touched by their initiatives - maybe even beyond their immediate project teams. And coaches need to be with their clients exactly in those moments where old habits might take over and growth is either lost or gained.

And this is where Goalify Professional fits in so perfectly. Goalify Professional enables the CEO to translate initiatives in company wide tasks - steadily and even more importantly driving a sustainable change initiative - thanks to the shared goal feature. Consultants can facilitate change by creating applicable and guiding workflows that help to actively embed new processes and strategies. Coaches can keep their clients engaged and provide unparalleled support by providing them with with a curriculum of tasks and exercises.

If you feel like exploring and discussing ideas on how you can leverage Goalify Professional even further - get in touch with me. I’d love to drive growth with you.

All the best, stay tuned for the next episode and keep at it.


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