Growth Moments Podcast - Let's step up to the plate

Let's step up to the plate - Transcript

Hi I am Michael CEO and founder at Goalify and I am excited to welcome you to this episode of Growth Moments.

Let me start off by saying that I am extremely proud of what you are doing. As an entrepreneur, team leader, coach or teacher - even in normal times - you have a very important role to fill. You take on the responsibility to care for others. You help them grow; you help them excel in their personal and professional pursuits. This never was an easy task. But now life just added a whole new level for you to tackle.

But - and this is very important - these challenging times are also what you have been training for throughout all the years in which you have perfected your job. Now, more than ever, you need to step up to the plate and do your job. The same is true for myself and the Goalify services we provide.

I have talked to many people over the last couple of weeks, and so many of them had lost their hope. Their hope in their goals, in their routines and in their personal and business endeavors.

This is where we need to step in. Our colleagues, clients and students need us now more than ever. With the world - as we used to know it fading away - we need to do our best and provide them with a vision, to-dos and inspiration to keep them going. To keep them pursuing their goals, and to help them re-establish a sense of control and routine.

Here are three ideas that can help you, help your clients:

First: Stay connected: Become as proactive in your communication as possible. Reach out to your colleagues, clients and students and check-in with them regularly.

At Goalify, we have shifted all our development resources to improve our chat feature to provide you with many additional options to help you communicate with your clients more effectively. We hope we can roll out these improvements soon.

Second: Adjust & recommit: Identify the tasks and objectives that need to be adjusted to fit the current situation of your clients. Show support and understanding. But then have your clients commit to the adjusted schedule of tasks. Do not let them slack and show great care by expecting consistent results - especially now.

Third: Be creative and think outside the box. Add additional opportunities for your clients to stay engaged with you and your community. I have seen team leads set up super fun and creative challenges for their team members to complete on a daily basis while working from home. Challenges, that have nothing to do with their daily business activities, but that help create a strong sense of unity and even more importantly: these challenges show that the team leads genuinely care about their team members.

You can use Goalify Professional’s public challenge feature to engage people on all your social and communication channels - not just your immediate clients. Try to provide the best service you can - to as many people as you can.

If you feel like exploring and discussing ideas on how you can leverage Goalify Professional - get in touch with me. I’d love to get creative and help you and your clients to get through these times successfully.

All the best, stay safe and healthy and let’s step up to the plate


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