Growth Moments Podcast - Start your initiative successfully

Start your initiative successfully - Transcript

Hi, I am Michael CEO and founder at Goalify and I am excited to welcome you to this episode of Growth Moments.

In today’s episode, I am talking about how to get started with Goalify Professional in your company, in a project team or with a single client. It is one of my favorite topics when talking to new customers - because there is so much to gain in terms of acceptance, engagement and the return of investment of the initiative you are supporting with Goalify Professional itself.

You see, when you first start working with a tool like Goalify Professional, you most likely try to familiarize yourself with all the different features and settings. And this is an absolutely necessary first step - get to know Goalify Professional and all it can do for you, your team and your clients. I would even like to suggest that you add yourself as your first client - so you can experience being coached and supported with Goalify as your team, your clients eventually will. You will most likely have quite a few Aha moments and learnings.

But do not stop here. Setting up everything correctly - in terms of using the right features, adjusting and tweaking all settings correctly - lays the necessary and important foundation of a successful project. But in my experience, it is only half of the necessary preparation. When you are happy with all things technical, start asking yourself some of the following questions:

  • When and how will I introduce the idea of a support tool like Goalify to my team, to my client
  • When and how will I start using Goalify and onboard clients
  • How can clients familiarize themselves with the app - what questions might they be wondering about
  • How can they get in touch to ask me questions

Stop thinking in features and start exploring how you can make onboarding as delightful and encouraging as possible.

Here are three key takeaways that we have learned can make a huge difference for your team and clients:

First: Always bring people on board first. Let them know your plans and ideas and explain why you will be introducing Goalify and how it will support their work and life. Focus on their benefits and experience. Do this before you start sending out invitations. Give your team and clients enough time to get on board with the idea.

Second: Take the first ride together. Call in a meeting with your team or sit down with your client and guide them through their first steps. Download the app together. Accept the invitation together. Record the first progress together. Say hello by chat while you are still in the same room. Make this as personal as you can - give them a high five and a cheer for getting on board!

Third: Take away all unknowns, fears and worries. Let them know what you want to achieve and therefore, what you expect them to do. In a business setting you should be prepared to answer questions like:

  • Is participation mandatory or voluntary
  • How will individual participation affect an employee’s performance review
  • How much time should be set aside to complete objectives
  • What or if data is shared with other employees

Let a client know how much time he or she will have to set aside to complete all tasks in Goalify each day/week. Let them know how they can reach out to you in case of questions and problems. Will you be answering questions via the Goalify chat.

Consider questions like these when you start your first or next Goalify Professional initiative - I have been able to witness and enjoy the extraordinary benefits of putting your team’s and client’s experience first - and I am sure you will too.

If you feel like exploring and discussing ideas on how you can leverage Goalify Professional even further - get in touch with me. I’d love to drive growth with you.

All the best, stay tuned for the next episode and keep at it.


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