Use Goalify Professional to deeply embed your initiatives and turn new
    strategies into measurable and consistent actions

Need a way to coach and support your clients remotely?

Use Goalify Professional to help clients to stick to their routines or adopt new ones, even if you can't be with them in person.

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Anchor Initiatives and Improve the Bottom Line

Continue to offer your clients, patients or team members your valuable support. Help the people you work with to establish specific routines and meaningful objectives to successfully survive these stormy times. Using the integrated chat, you can easily communicate with your clients, patients or team members – even without direct contact – and provide your expert help and guidance. This will promote client success and open up new revenue streams for you.


Embed Action

Turn your strategy into measurable objectives and provide both guidance and direction for your clients…remotely. Encourage client success throughout directed and consistent implementation.


Achieve Consistency

Easily manage short-term and long-term activities for your clients and deeply embed your initiatives. Help clients to improve their consistency when working on agreed upon tasks.


Stay Connected

With the integrated chat feature, all coach-to-client communication is kept in one place. There’s no longer a need to switch back and forth between e-mail and various messenger apps.

Goalify Professional for Coaching Professionals:

4 Different Goal Type Options

Support improvement

Assign repeating objectives and to-dos to fuel the successful implementation of your initiatives.

Track progress

Visually analyze progress and achievements, and discuss client performance based on the data they record.

Add context

Easily add checklists, instructions or even video messages to objectives and tasks.

Additional revenue

Provide an exceptional level of service and create additional revenue streams – even during those difficult times. With our inclusive pricing you can also work more efficiently with more people.

Easy Recording Dashboar

Goalify for Clients:

Improve consistency

Clients are more likely to successfully stick to an agreed plan of action when they are asked to record and document their own progress.

Greater accountability

By being able to record and track their progress, clients become more aware of the importance of consistency and gain a better sense of accountability.

Easy of use

Clients use our free mobile habit tracker app (available for iOS and Android) or web access to record their progress and keep track of their achievements. With well over 100,000 people using our mobile app, we know that the process of keeping track of activities won't disrupt any workflows.

Stay Connected
Encourage Consistency

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Easily create, track and manage the objectives that matter most
Client Comparison for Coaches and Client Dashboard for Clients

Easily create, track and manage the objectives that matter most

Easily create and manage repeating objectives and high-leverage tasks to help your clients navigate these trying times. This will provide more peace of mind for everyone involved.

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Support objectives and tasks with a why, a what and a how
Document feature: authoring and mobile client view.

Support objectives and tasks with a why, a what and a how

Support your objectives and tasks by providing the necessary context and instructions. Quickly create and add beautifully formatted text, upload images, and link videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Clients can view the linked content right from within the Goalify mobile app or via web access.

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Customization & Branding

 Your Clients. Your Know-How. Your Brand. 

Upload your logo, choose your brand accent color and even get your own secure, custom domain. It’s your content, so let it shine with your brand identity.

Exciting Mobile Experience

Our Goalify mobile app is the perfect companion for your clients.
Easy to use, with a warm and friendly interface to encourage progress and success. It’s truly an app to fall in love with.

Goalify mobile app a habit tracker experience

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Get in touch for a free one-on-one consultation and demo, during which we can answer your questions, walk you through the basics of our application and talk about how you can leverage Goalify Professional to achieve great results for you and the people you work with.

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