A New Level of Service & Support for Clients

As a fitness trainer, you are well aware of the many obstacles clients face on their way to optimizing fitness and health. With Goalify Professional, it is much easier to support your clients outside the confines of the gym or fitness studio, and moreover actually increase their consistency. Create workout plans, provide assistance and create a sense of team spirit with public challenges. This will encourage client success and bring your level of service to new heights.

Easily support your clients by providing them with a curriculum of tasks and exercises. Set goals to avoid negative patterns and to encourage positive habits.

Keep your clients engaged inside and outside the gym using our feedback and chat features. Provide insights to clients as well as detailed instructions.

Use our clever challenge feature to grow your community and communicate your value. Easily add new clients and scale up economically thanks to our inclusive pricing plans.

Goalify Professional for Fitness Professionals

  • Provide a curriculum for clients to follow in between in-person sessions
  • Visually analyze progress and achievements
  • Discuss client progress based on recorded data
  • Stay connected with your clients with our built-in chat
  • Reach out to your online audience and provide engaging challenges

Goalify Professional for Clients:

  • Successfully stick to an agreed plan of action
  • Record progress with our Goalify mobile app
  • Keep track of achievements
  • Acknowledge the importance of consistency and gain a sense of accountability
  • Be part of a community of like-minded individuals

Provide a new level of support for your clients.

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Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Habits

With Goalify Professional’s flexibility, you can create a wide range of tasks for your clients to work on, for example at-home exercises and nutrition plans, or even avoiding bad habits. Created within seconds, you’ll be ready to effortlessly provide ongoing support. With our inclusive licensing, you can grow your service and client base without having to worry about the costs.

Instructions as Rich as Your Know-How

Your clients thrive with the help of your know-how. With Goalify Professional, you can create your own knowledge archive that includes written instructions, uploaded images and videos sourced from YouTube and Vimeo. Sharing your know-how with your clients is as easy as drag and drop.

Build a Community

Being able to connect with your clients should not require setting up multiple apps, copying details between documents, and keeping everything in sync. That’s why Goalify Professional comes with an easy to use chat feature – it’s fully integrated. Thanks to our challenge feature, you can easily reach out to your online followers and inspire them to make use of your services.

Provide a new level of support for your clients.

Try Goalify Professional free for 30 days.

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