A New Level of Guidance and Support

As an HR professional you have to onboard new employees, lead company-wide change programs and provide initiatives to improve employee health and fitness. Goalify Professional lets you design a wide range of performance systems and tasks that you can easily share. With our intuitive dashboards, you can review progress and implementation rates with just a few clicks.

Create repeating tasks and assignments that will bring about change or reinforce new processes – all with just a few clicks.

With Goalify, our easy-to-use mobile app you can easily connect with employees. No more e-mails, outdated links or extra work syncing various documents. All you need is one app that is already being used by 100,000+ users worldwide.

Our dashboards are designed to reveal the information that is most important to you. With our clever tag feature you can quickly create segments for further analysis and simplify administration tasks.

Goalify Professional for HR Professionals

  • Provide structured plans for onboarding new hires, leading change programs or supporting health initiatives
  • Provide team leaders with the tools they need to coach their teams effortlessly
  • Visually analyze progress and achievements
  • Use our dashboard and analysis features to create beautiful reports

Take employee oversight and support to a new level.

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Guidance is about commitment

It’s our deep conviction that consistency and repetition are the key to lasting change, and positive reinforcement is deeply integrated into Goalify Professional. Easily create and provide tasks that can be carried out consistently on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Provide guidance and share ideas

Goalify Professional provides you with the tools you need to design and manage programs that will make the difference. With the ability to add insightful instructions that include text, images and video, you can achieve outstanding implementation rates.

Engage all levels of the company

Engage department and team leads, enabling them to fuel their teams’ progress with the Goalify Professional team feature. Give team leaders the access they need to coach their own team, and upper-management the option to review company-wide progress. With our flexible licensing you can provide access as needed, without being restricted by long-term commitments.

Take guidance and support to a new level.

Try Goalify Professional free for 30 days.

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